Research Official Portal

Office of Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research & Innovation)


UMP Grant Management Unit is a one-stop centre which handles matters pertaining to research information, grants, university facilities, equipment and human resources related to research & development. In supporting research and development growth, PNI focuses to the effort of obtaining grants from potential sponsors.

Among the main services offered by PNI are distinguishing, procuring and managing of research projects carried out by companies, agencies and other organization. These researches are undertaken for companies, agencies and other organization outside of UMP based on the concessions that have been agreed upon.

The main functions of this unit is to research, identify and disseminate funding opportunities from international and private research grant sources amongst researchers, to provide administrative and technical support to grant applicants with regard to their applications wherever required or needed, and to manage fund remittance and expenditure, if applicable.

We provide the following services in relation to the main pre- and post-award functions listed above:

1. Dissemination for Proposals of internal, national and one off agencies/private grants
2. Organization of grant briefing sessions and proposal preparation workshops.
3. Assessment of research proposals
4. Assistance for preparation and legal scrutiny of Research Agreement, Memorandum of Agreement and Memorandum of Understanding pertinent to grants.
5. Submission of hard copies or online of research proposals to the office of the fund provider and related record keeping.
6. Project registration at IRIMS in tandem with receipt of grant offer letter.
7. Management of fund remittance, budget virement, change of member/leader/title/scope, procurement, receipt, final report, progress report and expenditure.