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UMP’s Hand Sanitizer

UMP Hand Sanitizer
Tagline: “Germs Free”

The use of hand sanitizer has increased in time in parallel with the increase on awareness of proper hand-washing in preventing harmful germs transmission.

Prof. Datin Dr. Mimi Sakinah Abdul Munaim from Faculty of Engineering Technology, Universiti Malaysia Pahang, has recently developed hand sanitizer which not only used to eliminate common microorganisms but also protecting hands from drying.

Value proposition of the product lies in the natural ingredients used in the product that reduce the usage of harmful ingredients commonly used in other products as well as acting as moisturizer for hand. Using the product could result in less skin dryness and irritation as compared to hand-washing and other similarly available products.

The hand sanitizer has being tested and proven to kill common microorganism that include E. coli, S. typhimurrium, S. aureus, K. pneumonia, P. mirabilis, P. aeruginosa, M. tuberculosis, C. albicans, T. mentagrophytes, Asp. Niger. In addition, the product does not irritate skin, which is an important criteria that would result in level of acceptance by the consumer and market.

UMP’s “Germs Free” sanitizer has been produced in packaging that is convenient, portable, easy-to- use and consume less time.