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As of now, there are approximately 400 Intellectual Property (IP) filed by UMP for our inventions.

Please tell us what sort of technology you are looking for, in as much detail as you are able. If we have any technology that meets your needs, we will be happy to share with you about it.

In addition, even if we do not have anything immediately on hand, we can let you know when something suitable is invented and we can definitely connect you to our researchers to explore solution for your need.

Feel free to contact our officers Mohd Nizam Abdul Rashid and Laili Zulkepeli at and

We have nearly 700 researchers at UMP. Please advise us on what fields of technologies you are looking for, in as much detail as you are able.

It is of our commitment to assist connecting you to our pool of experts.

We are able to contact the researcher you are searching for, and, if the researcher agrees, we can set up a meeting or similar for you. Feel free to contact us any time.

First, please tell us what field of technology you are looking for, in detail. If we have anything that matches your needs, we will be happy to provide it.

In the event of the patent has not been published, we will need to have you sign a non-disclosure agreement.

Please check the following link for technologies from UMP that are ready for commercialization:

As each technology is different, there is no standard price.

We negotiate the license conditions on a case-by-case basis

If you are interested in collaborative research, you can make enquiry directly to our office.

If you have already identified a research team or researcher of your reference, we would proceed with setting up a meeting to discuss on mutually favourable prospects.

If you are in the search of expertise in specific research area, let us know your need. We shall find the researchers for your and do the necessary arrangement.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss the procedures.

For matters regarding Intellectual Property, please contact Pn. Nor Ilma Mustafa Kamal at

First and foremost, we would like to congratulate you on the successful development of the product.

Next, we need to understand the readiness level of your technology/product whether it is still at R&D stage, pre-commercialisation stage or it can be commercialized. Double check with us on the technology readiness level would facilitate you in formulating the suitable strategy for commercialization of your product.

We need you to fill the Invention Disclosure Form which can be downloaded here.

Please e-mail the completed Invention Disclosure Form to our Technology Transfer Office (TTO) at or

TTO team will help you accordingly upon receiving the completely filled Invention Disclosure Form

Submission of Invention Disclosure Form is a standard practice to ensure that all information related to your product is properly recorded at university level.

It is also a form of declaration on your technology/product to UMP.

Declaring your technology/product is a must to ensure that your technology/product entitled to the benefits and assistance provided by UMP.

Declaration of technology/product by filling Invention Disclosure Form is a standard practice at all universities that practice good governance.

We want to help you in developing and commercializing your technology/product. Thus, we need to have a record on your technology/product.

Please e-mail the completed Invention Disclosure Form to our Technology Transfer Office (TTO) at or

Sure, we are always ready to assist you in filling the Invention Disclosure Form.

Please contact En. Mohd Nizam Abdul Rashid at 09-424 5408 or for assistance.

We are at your service. Drop us an e-mail or give us a phone call. We will advise you accordingly.

We encourage you to do so. Contact is to discuss even when your invention is at ideation stage.

We might be able to help to bridge you to related industries or researchers to accelerate the development of your invention.

Yes, you can.

However, to avoid the risk of imitation by external parties and to increase the chance for your patent application be granted by related patent, we would advise you to carefully select the details of your inventions that is to be disclosed to public i.e. prior publication of article or doing presentation.

Making patent application before publication / conference presentation will assist to ensure your Intellectual Property is protected.

Congratulation on the interest from industry on your research result.

Please fill the Invention Disclosure Form and we will proceed with you accordingly on on further engagement with the company.

Yes, you can. As a matter of fact, we welcome you!

Sure, let us know and we will assist you accordingly.

Yes, you can. As a matter of fact, we welcome you!