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Office of Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research & Innovation)

Pre-Commercialization 2015 - 2017

1 Dr. Norashikin binti Mat Zain FKKSA Natural & Organic Lip Balm 25,000.00
2 Prof. Jose Rajan FIST Flexible Dye-Sensitized Solar Modules 10,000.00
3 Dr. Hadi bin Manap FTK Double Guided Roller Jigsaw Tablet (DGTab) 20,000.00
4 Prof. Dr. Mimi Sakinah binti Abdul Munaim FTK Production of Natural Antibacterial Hand Sanitizing Gel 40,000.00
5 Prof. Madya Dr. Kamal bin Yusoh FKKSA Production of Detect Free Graphene by Mechanochemical Exfoliation 60,000.00
6 Dr. Ahmad Fitri bin Yusop FKM Mengkuang Leaf Cutter Machine 6,000.00
7 Prof. Madya Dr. Arun Gupta FKKSA Synthesis of Bioadhesive Using Rubber Latex and Rice Starch 20,000.00
8 Dr. Mohammad Fadhil bin Abas FKEE Energy Efficient Device For Lighting and Fans 69,000.00
YEAR 2015 250,000.00
1 Dr. Muhammad Sharfi Bin Najib FKEE A Commercialized Prototype Unit Based On Odor-Profile Detection Using Cbr Intelligent Technique                                                                         116,000.00
2 Dr. Nina Suhaity binti Azmi FIST Glamequinn: Serum To Strengthen Hair And Prevent Hair Loss                                                                         70,000.00
3 Dr. Abdul Aziz bin Mohd Azoddein FKKSA Mercury Spill Kit 20,000.00
4 Dr.  Shahryar Sorooshian FIM Engine for smaller Enterprises (E4SE) 25,000.00
5 Dr. Izan Izwan bin Misnon FIST UMPCap: Supercapacitor from Local Activated Carbon 14,000.00
6 Dr. Jaya Vejayan a/l Palliah FIST Authenticated Enterprising Tongkat Ali Herbal Capsule to be Original 29,000.00
7 Dr. Noormazlinah binti Ahmad FKKSA Production Of Inulin+fos (Prebiotics) By Using Enzymatic Reactions Of Fructosyltransferase And Alternate Sucrose From Fruit Waste 73,000.00
8 Prof. Dr. Mimi Sakinah binti Abdul Munaim FTK Production of Natural Sweetener 35,000.00
YEAR 2016 382,000.00
1 Dr. Nurhidayah Binti Azmy FTK Construction Quality Assessment (CQA) Mobile Application 80,000.00
2 Profesor Madya Dr. Jolius Bin Gimbun CARIFF Misai Kucing Based Supplement For Diuretic And Anti-Diabetic 64,000.00
3 Dr. Md. Arafatur Rahman FSKKP Iot Enabled Relay Network For Energy Efficient Highway Lighting System 28,500.00
4 Cik Yong Ying Mei PBMSK Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK) Level 1 Pre-Test Preparation Book 30,000.00
5 Prof. Dr. Mashitah Binti Mohd Yusoff FIST Kacip Fatimah - Based Supplement For Women Wellness As Well As Weight Control 57,000.00
YEAR 2017 259,500.00