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baruKeratin from Chicken Feather

The technology is on the extraction of keratin from chicken feathers. This invention enables quicker process thus allowing large-scale keratin production to be carried out at higher capacity and efficiency compared to conventional process route. Despite chicken feathers have high level of keratin protein content of up to 90% by weight, chicken feathers are by far the most untapped keratin resources globally due to enormous amounts of chicken feathers being disposed from chicken slaughter house and farms.

The technology is invented by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Arun Gupta from Faculty of Chemical and Natural Resources Engineering, Universiti Malaysia Pahang. One patent on the technology has been filed in Malaysian and one patent granted in United States of America (USA).

The produced keratin could be used in various biomaterial products especially haircare. Among potential biomaterial application includes anti-aging and tissue repair. The developed technology enable optimization of poultry farm management by turning waste into wealth and allowing large-scale production of keratin.

UMP has established UMP Keraglow Sdn Bhd to undertake commercialization of its keratin technology. The company has attracted interest from local company to invest in the company; currently the investment deal is being finalised. The capital injection will boost the effort of bringing the technology to market.

From UMP’s and UMP Keraglow Sdn Bhd concerted effort in promoting the product, UMP’s keratin has drawn interest from a number of companies from outside Malaysia. The company is in conducting the extra effort in exporting the product for international market.

To ensure sustainability of the keratin from chicken feather, UMP has also developed downstream products which are made from the keratin. Intellectual property of the products has been filed and necessary development is under progress. UMP is targeting to commercialise the value added keratin-based product in very near future.