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Section 8 - Report List of IP Files

351 Design And Implementation Of A Variable Combinatorial Test Suite Strategy Based On A Modified Greedy Algorithm Abdulrahman Ahmed Mohammed Al-Sewari FSKKP Copyright Copyright 04/02/2016  
352 Software Product Line Testing Strategy Based On Harmony Search With Constraint Support Abdulrahman Ahmed Mohammed Al-Sewari FSKKP Copyright Copyright 04/02/2016  
353 Thermal-Visible Image Fusion Ezrinda Binti  Mohd Zaihidee FKEE Copyright Copyright 05/02/2016  
354 Integrating Twitter With Arduino Device For Magnetic Door Sensor Fauziah Binti Zainuddin FSKKP Copyright Copyright 05/02/2016  
355 MyIslam (Malaysian Religious Assesment On Islamic Knowledge For Muslim University Hasan Bin Ahmad PBMSK Copyright Copyright 05/02/2016  


Mobile- Based Doctor Appoinment Booking System Balsam Abdul Jabbar Mustafa FSKKP Copyright Copyright 15/02/2016  
357 Improving Web Colour Using Scheme Assessment Tool (COSAT) Mazlina Binti Abdul Majid FSKPP Copyright Copyright 15/02/2016  
358 A Wearable Device For Self-Assessment Of Body Posture Zulkifli Bin Ahmad@Manap> FKM IZSB 2016000445 9/03/2016  
359 A Walking Device Idris Bin Mat Sahat FKM IP RIGHTS 2016000488 16/03/2016  
360 A Composition for Treating Blood Circulating Disorder Hayder A. Abdul Bari CARIFF IZSB 2016400003 14/4/2016  
361 An Anti-Bacterial and Skin Healing Composition Norashikin Binti Mat Zain FKKSA IZSB 2016400004 22/4/2016  


Dashboard Model For Social Research Network Sites Ruzaini Bin Abdullah Arshah FSKPP Copyright Copyright


363 Vap Code:  A Secure Graphical Password For Smart Devices Md Saiful Azad FSKPP Copyright Copyright 29/04/2016  
364 Protocols For Embedding Mobile Instant Messaging (MIM) In Student’s Group In Language Teaching and Learning Noor Raha Binti Mohd Radzuan PBMSK Copyright Copyright 29/04/2016  
365 Flood: E-Management For Social Welfare Department Azma Binti Abdullah FSKPP Copyright Copyright 29/04/2016  
366 Uni-Cova Instrument Aini Binti Ahmad PBMSK Copyright Copyright 29/04/2016  
367 NNSs-NNSs Glocal Interaction Model Nik Aloesnita Binti Nik Mohd Alwi PBMSK Copyright Copyright 29/04/2016  
368 Huffaz-M Rashidi Bin Abbas PBMSK Copyright Copyright 29/04/2016  
369 Image Acquisition Method Using Light Transmission Visualization For Non-Aqueous Phase Liquids In Double-Porosity Media. Ngien Su Kong FKASA Copyright Copyright 29/04/2016  
370 Road Environment Risk Assessment Program (REAP) Intan Suhana Binti Mohd Razelan FKASA Copyright Copyright 29/04/2016  
371 Sustainable Design Concept Evaluation (SDCE) Faiz Bin Mohd Turan FKP Copyright Copyright 29/04/2016  
372 Mobile Technical English Module (MoTEM). Mohd Shafeirul Zaman Bin Abd Majid PBMSK Copyright Copyright 29/04/2016  
373 Development Of A Web Extension For Authentication Of Online Hadis Texts Muhammad Nomani Kabir FSKPP Copyright Copyright 29/04/2016  
374 Wireless Network Sensory Device For Real-Time Water Level Monitoring And Prediction Syafiq Fauzi Bin Kamarulzaman FSKPP Copyright Copyright 29/04/2016  
375 An Oral Care Composition Against Oral Pathogens Essam Abdellatif Makky Saleh FSTI TM2U UI 2016701413 18/04/2016  


Development Of Mathematical Models For Quantitative Risk Assessment In Process System Abdullah Bin Ibrahim FTEK Copyright Copyright 10/05/2016  
377 A Multifunctional Ni-Based Catalyst For Enhanced Syngas Production Vo Nguyen Dai Viet FKKSA IZSB 2016400008 23/05/2016  
378 Photocatalytic Reduction Of CO2 to Methanol Md. Maksudur Rahman Khan FKKSA IZSB 2016400007 19/05/2016  
379 Mathematical Model Of Cervical Cancer Growth Norhayati  binti Rosli FSTI Copyright Copyright 30/05/2016  
380 A Bio-Adhesive Composition For Manufacture Of Particle Boards Arun Gupta FKKSA IZSB 2016400009 26/05/2016  
381 A Method For Producing Fructo-Oligosaccharides From Plants Noormazlinah binti Ahmad FKKSA IZSB 2016400010 27/05/2016  
382 A Particleboard Comprising Oil Palm Residues Ghazi Faisal Najmuldeen FKKSA Author IP UI 2016701948 27/05/2016  
383 A Novel Method For Limonene Conversion To L-Carvone Muhammad Nor Fazli bin Abd Malek FSTI IZSB 2016400011 31/05/2016  
384 System and Method For Assisting A Driver In Lethargic State Mohammed Hayyan Alsiba FTEK IPVOLUSI 2016702074 06/06/2016  
385 Capsule Shell Composition Fatmawati binti Adam FKKSA IPVOLUSI 2016702081 06/06/2016  
386 A Method For Increasing Mechanical Strength Of Bio-Based Alkyd Polymer Md Maksudur Rahman Khan FKKSA IZSB 2016400012 09/06/2016  
387 A Novel Process For Essential Oil Extraction Said Nurdin FKKSA IZSB 2016400013 15/06/2016  
388 System and Method For Improved Efficiency in Internal Combustion Engines Devarajan A/L Ramasamy FKM IP Rights 2016001154 20/06/2016  
389 Green Oil Base Surfactant and Method Of PreparingThereof Abdurahman Hamid Nour FKKSA IP Rights 2016001189 27/06/2016  

A Deep Twist Drilling Apparatus

Ahmad Razlan Bin Yusoff FKP Author Ip UI 2016702586 16/07/2016  
391 Sulphonated Crosslinked Polymer Sumaiya binti Zainal Abidin @ Murad FKKSA IP Volusi 2016703017 18/08/2016  
392 A Portable LTV Lightbox Ngien Su Kong FKASA Author IP UI 2016703024 19/08/2016  
393 An Enhanced Encryption Algorithm Using Dynamic Key And Reverse String Muamer N. Mohammed FSKPP Copyright Copyright 30/08/2016  


An Accident Detection System Aided By Enhanced Aodv Algorithm Based On Signal Strength Muamer N. Mohammed FSKPP Copyright Copyright 30/08/2016  
395 An Efficient Intrusion Detection System Based On Hybridization Of Particle Swarm Optimization (Pso) And Magnetic Optimization Algorithm(MOA) Ali Safa Sadiq FSKPP Copyright Copyright 30/08/2016  
396 Transmission Power Adaptation Scheme For Improved Safety Application In Vanets Using Modified Piggybacked Information Ali Safa Sadiq FSKPP Copyright Copyright 30/08/2016