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Section 7 - Report List of IP Files

301 Accelerated Method For Breaking Crude Oil Emulsion Dr Abdulrahman Hamid Noor FKKSA IZSB 2015001044 22/4/2015  
302 Preparation of Metal Oxide From Gypsum Gaanty Pragas FIST KASS 2015000658 16/3/2015  
303 Fuel Water Emulsion Abdulrahman Hamid Nour FKKSA IZSB 2015001156 5/5/2015  
304 Nano Coolants In Automobile Radiator Ramraju Ramgopal FTK Copyright Copyright 11/5/2015  
305 AR Science for Kids Noraniza Binti Samat FSKKP Copyright Copyright 11/5/2015  
306 Forecasting Malaysia Gold Price Using Hybrid Arima With Symmetric Garch Modeling( Backward Arima-GarchIn Forecasting Gold Price For Malaysia Market) Siti Roslindar Binti Yaziz FIST Copyright Copyright 11/5/2015  
307 BVAGQ Load balancing Controller For Disaster Recovery Management In Distributed Database Enviroment Noraziah Ahmad FSKKP Copyright Copyright 11/5/2015  
308 Trans-b Apps For Rural Youth Livelihood Sustainability Imaduddin Bin Abidin PBMSK Copyright Copyright 11/5/2015  
309 Membrane-Based Anaerobic System for Biomass Treatment Abdulrahman Hamid Nour FKKSA IZSB 2015001299 14/5/2015  
310 ACADS: Educational Card And Board Games For Building Sentences Zuraina Ali PBMSK Copyright Copyright 27/5/2015  
311 VOCBLAST: Engineering And Technical Vocabulary Game Zuraina Ali PBMSK Copyright Copyright 27/5/2015  
312 A Method For Producing Nanocellulose Arun Gupta FKKSA IPVOLUSI 2015701816 4/6/2015  
313 A Method Of Coating Electrodes Lakhveer Singh FTK PINTAS 2015701719 27/5/2015  
314 Kaedah Pembelajaran Format Ghani(KPFG) Mohd Ghani Bin Awang FPI IP XPERT


Kelas 41

315 A Method of Nanostructured Ceramic Synthesis Jose rajan FIST IP RIGHT 2015001418 29/5/2015  

A Hydrogen Production Equipment

Dr Lakhveer Singh FTK IP RIGHT 2015001417 29/5/2015  
317 A Microfluid Biochip Fahmi bin Samsuri FKEE IP RIGHT 2015001424 1/6/2015  
318 A Novel Multifunctional Catalytic Reactor Vo Nguyen Dai Vet FKKSA IP RIGHT 2015001572 19/6/2015  
319 Creative Strategy Learning Model(CSLM) Hafizoah  Kassim PBMSK Copyright Copyright 1/7/2015  
320 Strategic Performance Management (A Model for Smaller Business) Shahryar Sorooshian FPI Copyright Copyright 1/7/2015  
321 Indicator Metrics For Construction Business Success Survival Shahryar Sorooshian FPI Copyright Copyright 1/7/2015  
322 System an Device for Providing Real Time Agricultural Data Fahmi Bin Samsuri FKEE IZSB 2015001588 19/6/2015  
323 A Keratin-Based Hair Formulation Arun gupta FKKSA IZSB 2015001713 1/7/2015  
324 A Method Of Preparing Multichannel Nanotubular Metal       Jose Rajan FSTI KASS 2015702458 28/7/2015  
325 A Method Decision Making For Product Development Faiz Bin Mohd Turam FKP Author IP UI 2015702633 12/8/2015  
326 A Portable Receptacle For Gas Detection And Analysis Muhd Sharfi Najjib FKEE IZSB 2015002107 25/8/2015  
327 A Granular Column Comprising Encapsulated Bottom Ash Muzamir bin hassan FKASA author UI2015703451 29/9/2015  
328 HHH: A Tabu Search Hyper-Heuristic Strategy for T-Way Test Suite Generation Kamal Zuhairi Bin Zamli FSKKP Copyright Copyright 8/9/2015  
329 BTS: A Constraint Variable Strength T-Way Suite Generation Strategy Based On The Bat Algorithm Kamal Zuhairi Bin Zamli FSKKP Copyright Copyright 8/9/2015  
330 A Chaotic Teaching Learning  Based Optimization Algorithm For Optimizing Emergency Flood Evacuation Routing Kamal Zuhairi Bin Zamli FSKKP Copyright Copyright 8/9/2015  
331 Managerial Overconfidence Government Intervention and Leverage Decision :Evidence From Malaysia Nor Azlinna Azizan FIM Copyright Copyright 29/9/2015  
332 Bio Transform Muhammad Nubli Bin Abdul Wahab PBMSK Copyright Copyright 22/9/2015  
333 A Hydrocarbon Production Method Ruzinah BInti Isha FKKSA IP RIGHT 2015002630 26/10/2015  
334 A Method To Separate And Recover Water Soluble Compounds Fatmawati Binti Adam FKKSA IP RIGHT 2015002620 26/10/2015  
335 A Method For Producing Antimicrobial Polymeric Material Maksudur Rahman Khan FKKSA IPvolusi 2015703870 28/10/2015  
336 A Vanadium Redox Flow Battery Cell Stack For Non-Stagnant Fluid Flow Distribution Mohd Rusllim Mohamed FKEE TM2U 2015704056 11/11/2015  
337 Acoustic Signal Processing Method For Accurate Leak Identification In Gas Pipelines Mohd Fairusham Ghazali FKM IZSB 2015002757 16/11/2015  
338 A Method for Producing Battery Electrode Material From Wastewater Maksudur Rahman Khan FKKSA `TM2U UI 2015704240    
339 Energy Storage Supercapacitor From Biomass Chong Kwok Feng FIST KASS 2015704170 18/11/2015  
340 A Floating Raft Structure Rama Yusvana FIST IP EXPERT 2015002769 18/11/2015  
341 Direct Cooling Cutting Tool With Internal Micro Channel For Sustainable Machining

Saiful Anwar Che Ghani







An Apparatus for Cutting an object Hadi Manap FTK PINTAS 2015704158 17/11/2015  
343 A Method For Preparing Organic Carbonates From Sugars Mohd. Hasbi Ab. Rahim FSTI TM2U UI 2015703693 15/10/2015  
344 A Tasked-Based Public Speaking Model In A Blended Learning Environment. Ainol Haryati Binti Ibrahim PBMSK Copyright Copyright 27/01/2016  
345 Fardhu Ain Firdaus: An Intelligentedugames Learning Solah Rahmah Binti Mokhtar FSKKP Copyright Copyright 28/01/2016  
346 Mobile-Based Augmented Reality For Construction Engineering (ARC) Balsam Abdul Jabbar Mustafa FSKKP Copyright Copyright 03/02/2016  
347 Ar-Iranu: Knowing Iranu Culture Using Augmented Reality Technology Rahmah Binti Mokhtar FSKKP Copyright Copyright 03/02/2016  
348 Hybrid GNA-SA Strategies For Test Redundancy Reduction Kamal Zuhairi Bin Zamli FSKKP Copyright Copyright 03/02/2016  
349 MBO-GA Hybrid Based Strategy For T-Way Test Data Generation Kamal Zuhairi Bin Zamli FSKKP Copyright Copyright 03/02/2016  
350 T-way Testing: A Test Case Generator Based On Melody Search Algorithm Abdulrahman Ahmed Mohammed Al-Sewari FSKKP Copyright Copyright 04/02/2016  

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