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Section 5 - Report List of IP Files

201 Wood adhesive composition and associated preparation methods Dr. Arun Gupta FKKSA IZSB 2013000489 4/1/2013 Pending PE
202 Method and apparatus for offshore seaweed Dr. Abdurahamn H. Nour


IZSB 2013000509 18/2/2013 Pending CF
203 A Dye-Sensitized Solar Cell Device Jose rajan FIST KASS






Pending CF
204 A Heart Simulating Apparatus Mohd Azrul Hisyam FKM PINTAS 2013700270 18/2/2013

Pending P.E

205 Treatment System For Recycling Of Monoethanolamine Wastewater From Oil And Gas Industry Rosli Mohd Yunus FKKSA PINTAS 2013700379 11/3/2013 Pending CF
206 Copper Nanoparticles Reinforced Fibres And Method Of Formation Thereof Md Maksudur Rahman Khan FKKSA IP VOLUSI 2013700349 6/3/2013 Pending S.E
207 Natural Fibres Reinforced Polyester Resin Composities And Method Of Formation Thereof Mohammad Dalour Hossen Beg FKKSA IP VOLUSI 2013700405 13/3/2013 Pending S.E
208 A Method For Producing A Photo Alignment Film Gurumurthy Hedge FIST KASS 2013001037 25/3/2013 Pending C.F
209 Method For Bioleaching Of Silver Nanoparticles Under Thermophilic Conditions Dr. Essam Adbellatif Makky FIST IP RIGHT 2013001239 8/4/2013 Pending C.F
210 Method For Producing Biodiesel From Non-effectiOil Using Lipase As Catalyst Maksudur R Khan FKKSA IP RIGHT 2013001240 8/4/2013 Pending C.F
211 Malaysia Wood Identification System Dr. Jasni Mohamad Zain FSKKP TM2U COPYRIGHT 2/5/2013  
212 Internal Intrusion Prevention System Based On Host Identifier Dr. Kamal Zuhairi FSKKP   COPYRIGHT 2/5/2013  
213 FTP2R-A Fault Tolerant Unit Testing Tool For Java Program Dr. Norrozila FSKKP   COPYRIGHT 2/5/2013  
214 Cost Effective Enviroment Friendly Liquid Crystal "Black Board" Gurumurthy Hegde FIST IP VOLUSI 2013700675 25/4/2013 Pending S.E
215 Indium – Tin Oxide Film And Method Of Making The Same Dr. Jinan Basher Ahmed FIST BUSTAMAN 2013001843 20/5/2013 Pending C.F
216 A Mouthwash Reddy Prasad FKKSA MARKS & CLEARK 2012004805 2/11/2012

Pending P.E

217 Method and system for waste water treatment Dr. Abdurahamn H. Nour FKKSA IZSB 2013002260 18/6/2013 Pending C.F
218 Method Of Fabrication A Supercapacitor From Palm Kernel Shells Jose Rajan FIST TM2U



11/6/2013 Pending C.F
219 An Optical Sensor System To Detect Low Concentration Of Ammonia Hadi Manap FT ADASTRA 2013002116 7/6/2013 Pending P.E
220 A Fuel Emulsion Abdurahman Hamid Nour FKKSA PINTAS 2013701224 11/7/2013 Pending S.E


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Dr. Zularisam Ab Wahib FKASA IZSB







222 A Method Of Removing Oxygenate Compound From Oxygenates Contaminated Water And A System Thereof Dr. Ghazi Faisal Najmuldeen FKKSA IP VOLUSI 2013701335 30/7/2013 Pending S.E
223 Electronic Malaysia sign language  (E-MSL) Dr. Mazlina Abdul Majid FSKKP COPYRIGHT COPYRIGHT 23/8/2013  
224 Learning Kit  For Drug Addiction Intervention Among Teenagers Dr. Nubli Abdul Wahab PBMSK COPYRIGHT COPYRIGHT    
225 A Sensor For Detecting Nitrite Ion Tan Ling Ling FIST IP RIGHT 2013003077 20/8/2013 Pending C.F
226 Method For Production Of Synthesis Gas (Syngas) Based On Waste Based Materials With The Addition Of Cement Intermediates As Primary Catalyst Cheng Chin Kui CARIFF IP RIGHT 2013003076 20/8/2013 Pending C.F
227 A Method For Producing Magnetic Nanoparticles Dr. Abdurahman H. Nour FKKSA TM2U 2013701501 23/8/2013 Pending P.E
228 Energy Storage Devices Dr. Jose Rajan FIST KASS 2013003071 19/8/2013 Pending C.F
229 Malaysia Greater Research Network (MYGRANT) Portal Dr. Wan Maseri FSKKP COPYRIGHT COPYRIGHT 10/9/2013  
230 A Method For Detesting Parasitic Worms Kamarul Hawari FKEE IP VOLUSI



27/8/2013 Pending S.E
231 Scaffold For Bone Tissue Engineering Dr. Fathima Shahita FIST IP RIGHT 2013003444 23/9/2013 Pending C.F
232 Prosess For Synthesis Of Mno2 Nanoparticles For Application In Supercapacitors Dr. Jose Rajan FIST ADASTRA 2013003169 28/8/2013 Pending P.E
233 A New Global Best Local Neighbourhood Technique In Particle Swarm Optimization Pn. Zalili Musa FSKKP COPYRIGHT COPYRIGHT 3/10/2013  
234 A Method For Increasing Themal And Mechanical Properties Of Wood Composite Dr. Arun Gupta FKKSA IZSB 2013003685 8/10/2013 Pending C.F
235 Authentication Watermarking In Digital Text Image Of Quran Pn. Nurul Wahida FKEE COPYRIGHT COPYRIGHT 17/10/2013  
236 Castor Shell Cellulose And Method Of Formation Thereof Dr. Ghazi Faizal FKKSA IP VOLUSI 2013701889 7/10/2013 Pending S.E

A System Of Detecting Bacteria Species

Chong Kwok Feng FIST PINTAS 2013702077 31/10/2013 Pending C.F
238 A Method For Producing Functional Food Ingredient Dr. Jolius Gimbun CARIFF IP VOLUSI 2013701987 21/10/2013 Pending S.E
239 A Method For Preparing Glycerol Carbonate Mohd Hasbi Ab. Rahim FIST PINTAS 2013702147 13/11/2013 Pending C.F
240 Kit Pintar Zikir Muhammad Nubli PBMSK COPYRIGHT COPYRIGHT 2/5/2013  
241 Enzymatic Extraction Of Herbal Raw Materials Ahmad Ziad Sulaiman FKKSA IZSB 2013004396 6/12/2013 Pending C.F
242 Demulsification Of Crude Oil Emulsions Abdurahman H. Nour FKKSA IZSB 2013004106 14/11/2013 Pending C.F
243 E-Majalah: Shariah Compliance Application (SCA) Abd Jalil bin Borham PBMSK COPYRIGHT COPYRIGHT 28/01/2014  
244 tReduct-Redundandt Test Cases Reduction based on Random Permutation and Artificial Intelligence based Algorithm Kamal Zuhairi bin Ramli FSKKP COPYRIGHT COPYRIGHT 06/02/2014  
245 A Binding Agent For Wood Composite Board and Associated Process of Manufacture Dr Arun Gupta FKKSA IZSB 2014000332 07/02/2014  
246 A Biocomposite For Fabrication Of A Photo-Alignment Layer Dr Gurumurthy Hedge FSTI PINTAS 2014700327 14/02/2014  
247 T-WAY Test Suite Generation Tool Based On Harmony Search Algorithm (HSS) Abdulrahman Ahmed Alsewari FSKKP COPYRIGHT COPYRIGHT 17/02/2014  
248 Industrial Design COFFEE MAKER Ahmad Razlan Yusoff FKP IZSB 14-00151-0101 14/02/2014  
249 Mandarin Pronunciation Guide With Comparison Of English And Malay Words Chong Ah Kow PBMSK COPYRIGHT COPYRIGHT 19/03/2014  
250 Iszuani Inazuma – Jap (Japanese Language Learning Software) Mohd Iszuani Mohd Hassan PBMSK COPYRIGHT COPYRIGHT 19/03/2014  

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