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Cendekia Bitara Awards '15


e-Community - Recycled Shipping Container Buildings
It is a profound proof that UMP community is a tight-knitted society, inter-dependant on and working for each other. Soaring upwards will be near impossible if successful internal networking is unattainable. E-community and Recycled Shipping Container Buildings exemplify the harvest of our own expertise for the benefit of our own little community. These are some of the many true embodiments of our determination to give back to our families.

e-MySL, Hasard Flood Map, Phytogreen
Universiti Malaysia Pahang at its very best try to embody altruistic ideals by always putting the interests and needs of the surrounding communities as its topmost priority. Whilst these needs and interests are thought-provoking at all times, the drive to bettering others makes the impossible surpasses its odds. With the advent of E-MYSL (Electronic Malaysian Sign Language), Phytogreen and Hasard Flood Map, comes greater responsibility for UMP to remain steadfast in revolutionizing state-of-the-art innovations for none other than to benefit the local scenes on the whole and to become the emblem of an altruistic Malaysian.

Pisoptera - DiaClean
Reaching out to the global community is not easy, yet it is not impossible. UMP associates have proven resilient and adamant to make our little family known
to the world, widening the horizon of opportunities. Successes at international level through the development of community preferred products such as the environmentally-friendly Pisoptera and DiaClean paint a strong mark of what we can do and where we can go. Our academic partnership with global partners
such as China and Germany, and our effort to augment the provision of education through Massive Online Open Courses (MOOC) depicts the enterprise of our technological innovativeness will continue to soar upward.

Hail to the Skylark
As the pendulum swings its mechanical beat
Deep in the solitude of the thinking chambers
The skylark sets its sailing streak
Going through a voyage of great callers
Despite uncertainties and challenges ahead they lie
Oh the tiny bird march forward through the wilds
Bringing forward innovations and creativity with a smile
The industrious efforts is cease to die
To aid the locals with a strong presence
To scale the globe with a determined resilience
Oh skylark, you are adventurous, assertive aiming for
the skyline
And with that, you will fly high and continue to shine

We therefore hail
Our dear associates and friends
Who went far wide to sail
To make change for our utmost pride.

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