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UMP’s Invention: S-BRICK - Brick from Wastewater Sludge

Kuantan, 8 April – UMP’s group of researchers has successfully developed brick using mixture of wastewater sludge and egg shells.

According to lead researcher Dr. Doh Shu Ing, lecturer from Faculty of Civil & Natural Resource Engineering (FKASA), the invention is a result of research and development conducted by his students, Muhammad Aizat Azed and Lwee Kui Choo whom currently studying Bachelor of Civil Engineering (Construction Material) at the university.

“The idea come from the abundance of wastewater sludge from the wastewater treatment plant and it inspired me to use the waste as a raw material for construction brick”.

“A friend of mine who is involved in the baking industry once told me that she had to throw approximately one tonne of egg shells and eventually was charged for the disposal due to its huge amount”.

“Since then, I tried to incorporate the egg shells into the sludge mixture to create the construction brick”, said Dr. Doh Shu Ing.

The research team had conducted research and development on the utilization of egg shells in the development of the construction brick together with the wastewater sludge.

Dr. Doh who is also Deputy Dean Research and Innovation of UMP's Faculty of Civil Engineering and Earth Resources highlighted that the product is a result of collaboration with Indah Water Consortium Sdn Bhd which provide wastewater sludge that can be used as a cement replacement due to it comparable composition with conventional cement in the market.

Egg shells also can be used in the brick mixture to increase the strength as it contains calcium carbonate.

In summary, the S-Brick developed is of comparable quality to the conventional cement when combusted using furnace and microwave under pre-determined temperature. With the addition of the egg shells in the sludge mixture, it increase the strength of the brick.

The project started in October 2015 and completed in March 2016 with approximate cost of RM0.21 per brick that is cheaper than conventional mortar brick in the market.

Value proposition of S-BRICK is not only on its low cost but also on its contribution in reducing waste material, specifically egg shells.

“Besides that, S-BRICK is as strong as than commercial mortar brick in the market. I hope through this research, S-BRICK can compete with the existing bricks in the market and widely use in the Malaysian construction industry”.

It is hoped that S-BRICK can replace the used of the existing mortar brick which is more expensive and eventually reduce the hazardous impact to the environment.

To date, they had successfully collaborated with Indah Water Consortium Sdn Bhd and Egg Tech Production Sdn Bhd that provided the necessary resources for the production S-BRICK

He hopes that S-BRICK can be commercially sold nationwide and reduce the production of the cement which contributed to the carbon dioxide emission and environmental pollution.

The product has received several outstanding recognitions such as Special Award UMP Holding Invention Award in CITREX 2016, gold medal in ITEX2015, bronze medal at Seoul International Invention Fair and first place winner at MUCET 2015.